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  • Jennafer Pilates Yoga Classes Shanghai China

    Simply one of the nicest human beings you could possibly meet...until you do her class that is...Jennafer likes speed!!! In a recent CERN study, it was found that Jennafer's acceleration is faster than both Higgs and Bosun combined, with time to spare for a great big smile at the finish-line. A real all-rounder who can't get enough of high-intensity training, be it kickboxing, gym and so on...Match this up with a highly varied and always impeccable music selection and the 50 minutes fly by (faster than an F15 fighter pilot who's left the oven on). Serious calorie-burners!!


  • Bjorn Indoor Cycling Fitness Gym Shanghai China

    Bjorn is a passionate cyclist who has been part for the Shanghai Cycling scene for more than a decade. In 2002 he co-founded the Flying Hairy Legs Shanghai and is currently racing both in the local scene and in multi-day stage races around Asia. Bjorn is a three times Ironman and current holder of the Shanghai Series Masters Championship title (2013)! Bjorn loves a good a work-out. His sessions compromise a mix between structured interval training and some fun beats. You need this class if you seek Pedalling Power or Serious Fat Burning


  • Emilie Yoga Pilates Spinning Studio Shanghai China

    Emilie Hardinge
    AKA: Adrenaline Yogi Junkie

    What happens when add a pinch of Gabrielle Reece with a pinch of Blake Lively…Spinbacks very own Emilie Hardinge (a UK, Aussie, Canadian, American mix). But don't let the exterior fool you, our motivating machine is a true body loving/ booty kickin/ adrenaline yogi junkie who will be your best workout buddy consistently each class. Emilie will drive, inspire, and push you to your limits but with a touch of Yoga principles using core strength, correct body alignment and a much needed stretch combined with breathing techniques to finish off class. Emilie's first certification is as a Hatha Vinyasa RYS yoga teacher with an advanced certification in Biomechanics, Anatomy and Alignment. In her collegiate years, she competed on the Women’s Division 1 Volleyball team (as well as on the Men's Club team) and competed in the Junior Olympics as a USA representative in Australia, Germany, and Austria. For the one hour your ALL hers, and it’s a rough class but fun for sure. Em tests Spinbackers, encouraging them to embrace the physicality and strength from within: " Your body is far more capable than the mind believes it to be. It’s only when we test our limits that we surprise ourselves with how strong we really are.”

    Current favorite ride song: Is this love- Bob Marley and The Wailers

    Personal favorites include Pearl Jam, Doors, Rodriguez, Milky Chance and Bon Iver.

    Interesting Factoid: If there is an animal in need, Emilie will find a way to help it...or adopt it! Her side profession is an “earth lovin, hippie hearted, animal advocating gypsy, who thinks that traveling is what make-eth the man”


  • Roger Spinning Classes Shanghai China_copy1

    Roger Holterman
    aka "Beatmaster Rog"

    Thump, thump, thump,thump. You're not in a club...you're in Roger's awesome spin class. Known as the master of beat, your sweaty Spinback class is as fun as a night out on the town. His music list is kray kray and he gets those calories burning but the catch...his class is waayyyyy professional. The man's got technique and perhaps it's his background. Roger's been a hardcore athlete most of his life: ran 11 marathons (fastest time 2:51), competed in road/off-road/track since he was 14, and is an avid cyclist. He merges music with technique to produce one of your best spin experiences. His motto: "Let the rhythm take control. Spinning is the group spirit that can take over your senses. The beat is your friend and that speed will ignite your wheel til it glows in the dark." So come join this Dutch techno loving, trance pushing instructor in an intense 60 minute high. You can currently catch in class his favorite tune at the moment "Miss You Paradise---Emma Hewitt" or train with him in 2015 for a triathlon.

    Interesting Factoid: Beatmaster has consumed a minimum of 2000kg of spaghetti Bolognese and counting. His favorite pre-race meal.


  • Alex Spinning fitness gym Shanghai China_copy1

    A.K.A. "The Juice-in-ator"
    "Press de siste dråper saft ut av sitronen or squeeze the last droplets of juice out of the lemon." This is how they do it in Norway. Just when you think you've maxed out in his power interval training class style, he manages to push and push so that you give that little extra you think you didn't have. Oh, and it's not with smiles and giggles either as this Norwegian, who comes from a lineage of 11 generations of military officers, shouts "GO,GO, GO!" during his super sprint speed drills. Perhaps he missed his calling as a Sergeant but Spinbackers are lucky to burn off major calories and enjoy his American side with good taste in music. Heavy climbing with some thumping beats in class, catch "Pompei" by Bastille and "Something New" with Axwell Ingress as the switch and bait happy warmup. When not on the bike, Alex is an avid gym goer and skies in the winter (born with skis on), So when you see him in class and ask yourself, "Really, can the human body really pedal that fast?" think of his mantra for all you Spinbackers: "You have to do what others won't to achieve what others don't."

  • Mark Newton
    A.K.A. "Cadence Master"
    "1,2,1,2,1,2..." Don't let Mark's calm demeanor fool you. This Melbournite's a precision machine when getting everyone to be on beat. As a matter of fact, his mantra for all you Spinbackers is "Let's work and improve! Focus on cadence/leg speed first, your power will follow. That's the best way to get fit." Included in his love for cycling, he's been in squash, Aussie football, cricket, and tennis competitions since the day he could walk. Topping it all off, he finished the Aussie Ironman with body parts intact. When he's not on the bike, he's an avid photographer and a fan of Instagram. Check out his accounts: monomark_ and newta123. So come check out his class and expect heavy beats and power climbing. Playlist staple: "Charger" by Merk&Kremont

  • Born in Buenos Aires, a true Porteña. Fitness was a part of my life at a very young age; as a 7 year old I dated the beam, the parallel bars and the vault. Gymnastics was my entry into the world of international competitive sport.

    My insatiable appetite for new frontiers coupled with curiosity has exposed me to many creeds and cultures, I've lived in Spain, Italy, Turkey, the US, India and China. Although I trained as an industrial Designer I found my true calling in the pursuit of wellness and health.

    My sessions centre around gaining the maximum effect through the use of high intensity intervals....love a sprint, love the Bike, go the distance and get the result you need, always smile and have fun!

    Julieta is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.
    Outside of Spinback she works closely with health professionals in fitness conditioning, as well as strength training her own clients. She uses her experience in Gymnastics, Barre, Yoga, pilates, and training in other sports for her sessions. She loves contemporary dance, diving, skiing, swimming, running and trying every fitness class around town!