Eleanor Prescott

Meet Eleanor, who discovered the holy grail of spinning after one too many long distance runs which led to creaky joints. Now a certified addict, Eleanor enjoys the whole range of spinning classes; from max power interval sessions to dance party sweat sessions. She is serious about fitness and health, though equally dedicated to enjoying all of life's guilty pleasures including an annual Ibiza pilgrimage.

Eleanor’s sessions at Spinback are built around the playlist - classic house and dance mixed with current tunes brought together in a varied workout that will include hills, flats, jumps, and high intensity sprints. But most importantly, when you workout on the bikes with her, it’ll be fun. And challenging, ensuring you keep coming back for more!

Join one of Eleanor’s classes which cater to new or seasoned spinners, and you’ll be guaranteed to get a great workout matched to the perfect playlist!

Eleanor Prescott instructs the following:
  • Spin Class
  • LET THE RHYTHM TAKE CONTROL! Roger likes to switch between different music styles and different workouts but most important is “the beat”, the beat is your friend. Especially when we are going fast, but also in that crazy climb that make your wheel glow in the dark.