Todd Lane

"Unsuspecting..." that's pretty much how we can sum up Todd. Don't be fooled by his boyish grin and easy manner when he greets you. He's a man of many talents. Totally fierce on the bike, his number slot on the power column completely shoots up effortlessly. You'd think he's been a long term cyclist but here's an example of how someone took a passion and is now leading the pack within one year! After his first class with Bjorn, he was hooked and became Mark and Bjorn's protege and received his certification through Spinback Shanghai's certification program.
Todd's classes focus on building endurance and strength structured around interval workouts. Expect cues where you will increase your precision, power, and technique as he was trained by the best. Another bonus? Todd parlays his former DJ skills to get you moving on the bike with edm mixes and top 40. When he's not in class, he's keeping up his former competitive running skills sharp by training for Asia's half marathons. (No wonder he makes cycling look easy breezy...the guy is fit.)

Todd Lane instructs the following:
  • 75 Minutes Interval Training
  • The 75 minutes classes is an interval training focused on metrics and targeted training zones. This training will help you increase your endurance. Only the very best for your muscles!